Friday, August 27, 2010

Square Enix

Square Enix is stupid. They have a complete disconnect from their American audience.

1. Everyone wants Kingdom Hearts 3, or at the least a decent console game and what do we get? Shitty handheld games, and now I find out that they're making another shitty handheld game for the 3DS before 3?

2. Final Fantasy XIV and XIII are both extremely shitty. Of course for XIV I'm only going by the beta, but it's shitty. And it's because Square Enix doesn't believe in  making good games anymore.

Last thing: Lady Gaga is shitty, she's not creative but weird. Her outfits suck, her music sucks, and she's ugly as fuck. I guess I'm a hater. 


  1.'re my kind of guy

  2. I used to play FFXI...and boy was that game a jewish piece of shit. I got into WoW after and it totally kicked the shit out of that game in every respect.

    However, I'm currently trying to sign up for the FFIV open beta...just for shits.